Training Week

The first WRFC2016 aircraft arrived at Santa Cruz on the 26th of August. It was with great pleasure that the crew was received, since it marks the beginning of a new journey for all Portuguese Sport Aviation community. Our staff dedicated several months of intense work and planning in collaboration with Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras to bring this fantastic event to Santa Cruz at the highest standard.

Training flights started a few days before the Opening Ceremony, in order crews get used to the competition topography and perform adaptation flights to the available rental aircraft. Furthermore, teams were able to visit Santa Cruz city and beaches before the competition. Since the event itself is not strictly limited to "flying", there was time to met other teams in an elegant environment of sportsmanship and friendship.

4th September - Open Ceremony/Airshow

A week of thrill and aviation is starting at Santa Cruz Aerodrome! For the first time, Aeroclube de Torres Vedras is proud to hold the 20th edition of the World Rally Flying Championship.

The day started with a general briefing for all competitors to discuss the operational and meteorological conditions for morning training flights.

During the morning, teams were able to fly training routes to get ready for the competition stage. The training routes were selected in order crews can build confidence navigating in the competition area.

During the afternoon, the aerodrome received hundreds of visitors to watch the Airshow. Weather conditions improved during the afternoon and allowed to receive three demonstrations that made delights of the public.

The show started with two F-16 from Portuguese air force that performed several high and low speed maneuvers. The second demonstration was performed using a paramotor showing extraordinary flight characteristics. At the end of the day, the public was able to appreciate the beauty of YAK-STARS: A Portuguese aerobatic team flying three Yak-52 performing aerobatic formation flight. Thanks to Pedro Cerveira Pinto, Fernando Marinho Pereira and Jorge Fachadas for the great flying display.

The opening ceremony also took place and all teams were welcomed. Let the 20th World Rally Flying Championship begin! All participants have fun and safe flights!

5th September - Competition Day #1

The competition has started! After a period of morning fog, the weather started to improve and nice conditions are present for the beginning of this journey! Crews already lined up all airplanes to receive the envelopes for the navigation routes.

At the end of the day all teams had safely landed at the aerodrome showing nice precision landing skills!

6th September - Competition Day #2

The second competition day started with a morning briefing highlighting the main operational and meteorological considerations for the day. Clear skies and light winds are doing the delights of the crews for enjoyable flights.

7th September - Competition Day #3

Due to marginal weather conditions during the morning, the organization decided to postpone the schedule flights in order to guarantee the safety of the crews. This delay conditioned the roster and only the Unlimited category was able to fly. Weather started finnaly to improve at the end of the morning.

8th September - Competition Day #4

Today is the last competition day and weather conditions are outstanding! Pilots are preparing the aircraft for the final competition flights.

9th September - Closing Ceremony

After a week of thrill and excitment the competitions is now over. Pilots had the opportunity to visit Museu do Ar located at Base Aérea Nr. 1 at Sintra where the closing ceremony took place.